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UVC Amalgam Lamp Ultraviolet Systems

UVC Amalgam Lamp Ultraviolet Systems

Amalgam lamp ultraviolet (UV) systems operate effectively between capacities of 30 m3/hour - 280 m3/hour and beam density 30.000 uW/cm2 - 40.000 uW/cm2. Amalgam Series Ultraviolet units can be produced with 304 or 316 stainless steel collectors according to the properties of the raw water and process and can be used with automatical scrapper system as optionally.

Standard Features
• Stainless Steel body
• 16000 Hours lamp life
• Electronic card for each lamp
• 2 pieces beam density sensors
• Temperature sensor and ability to stop the system according to received Information from sensor
• Electricity supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
• Chemical wash connection point
• Sample Valves
• UVC Controller (lamp life, beam density, lamp and card status, timer, ability to follow information and etc.)
• İP 54 Control panel
• Ability to communicate ali automation and SCADA Systems
• Ability to adjust lamp power according to flow by 4-20 mA contact
• Automatic Scraper System (İn SL series)
• PLC for Automatic Scraper System (İn SL series)

Optional Features
• Common Stainless Steel Skid for Collector and Panel

Design Criteria
• Transmission rate % 95
• 2-8 bar operating pressure
• 2-45 °C operating temperature