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TFVY Series Softening Systems

TFVY Series Softening Systems

TFVY series single softening units are designed as surface piping by using pneumatic (air), water and electric actuatored valves. Systems are controlled by a IP 65 control panel which can command regeneration according to flow rate and service automation and include PLC or controller. Softening system which contains single column and salt tank, has a capacity to produce softened water up to 80 m3/h.

Standard Features
• Corrosion resistant FRP (Fiber wounded) body
• Pressure loss, 0,3 bar
• Piping PVC
• Octopus type distribution structure
• Pneumatic or electric motor valve
• Valve material Sfero Disk Rilsan coated GG25 body, AISI 420 axle, butterfly valves with EPDM seals
• Food grade resin
• Flow control regeneration
• Timer controlled automatic backwash
• IP65 control panel and direction valve box with PLC to control regeneration and service automation.
• Operating Pressure 2-6 bar
• Max. 50 C operating temperature.

• Easy to operate without any need full time Operator
• Low operating cost
• Low energy cost
Optional Features
• Switch box control for valves
• Differential pressure control

Design Criteria
• Filtration velocity 40 m3/m2/h
• Backwash duration 110 min
• Backwash velocity 10 m/h
• 200gr Salt for 1 İt resin