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TF Series Softening Systems

TF Series Softening Systems

Full automatic valves are used as control unit in TF series single column softening units and it carries out regeneration according to the set time (timer) or flow rate (volumetric) on valve, without requiring human intervention. Corrosion resistant fiberglass wound (FRP) housings are used in single column water softening systems. Single softening systems can be used effectively at places such as hotels, apartment blocks industrial plants etc. up to max. 46 ton/h capacity. The system is combined with the salt tank. The system ensured convenient operation with low energy consumption and reduced spare part needs.

Standard Features
• Corrosion resistant FRP (Fiber wounded) body
• Protection cover on top salt tank
• Programmable automatic FLECK valf
• Time controlled
• Automatic backwash time setler
• 3-6 Bar operating pressure
• Max. 10 bar test pressure
• Max. 50 °C operating temperature
• Food grade resin mineral
• Electricity supply 220 V/50 Hz
• Salt Consumption 0.2kg/lt/reg

• Operatör gereksinimi duymadan işletme kolaylığı
• Easy to operate without any need full time operator
• Low operating cost
• Low energy cost