PRODUCTS - Reverse Osmosis Systems
ROS Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

ROS Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

Standard design of ROS series reverse osmosis units is made according to 2000 ppm TDS (total dissolved solid matter) value. Systems’ operating efficiency is determined by making project specific designs according to the properties of raw water.

With 440 lt/hour -1800 lt/hour treatment capacity, it provides a perfect solution for treatment of potable water, general utility water and process water. Can be used conveniently in apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals and medium scale enterprises. System contains PLC which is designed for controlling all of the equipments and does not need human intervention.

Standard Features
• ST37 chassis coated with electrostatic dye
• Conductivity meter on permeate line
• Flushing (rinsing) valve
• 5 micron filtration
• Permeate and vvastewater flovvmeter
• Low and high pressure manometer
• Pressure switches
• Low pressure lines PVC
• Automation panel
• Min. 3 bar entrance pressure requirement
• Max 16 bar operating pressure
• 300 psi (20 bar) resistant FRP membrane sheath
• 20 bar resistant membrane

Optional Features
• Acid dosage unit
• Antiscalant dosage unit
• Sodiummetabisulphide dosage unit
• pH and ORP control units
• Chemical washing unit (On seperate skid)
• 316 L Stainless Steel piping

• Easy to operate without any need for full time operator
• Low operating cost
• Ability to start and rinse automatically
• Easy to control visually by automation panel
• Fully Automation alarms

Design Criteria
• TDS < 2000 ppm
• Recovery ~% 50-60
• 20 °C nominal operating temperature
• SDI < 3
• Iron < 0,01 mg/l
• Manganese/ Alluminium < 0,025 mg/l
• Barium, Strontium , rare
• Boron: none
• Silica < 20 mg/l
• Free Chlorine, Oxidant Material: none
• Hydrocarbons, Oil and Grease: none
• Hydrogen Sulphide: none
• BOD, COD: none
• Bacteriologic Contaminants: None