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FQB Series Automatic Sand Iron Filters

FQB Series Automatic Sand Iron Filters

FQB Series Iron-Manganese Removal Systems are designed for removing iron, turbidity, suspended solids, dust etc., for supplying the most appropriate filtration between 0,6 m3/h to 26 m3/h and full automatic valves are used for control unit.

The system carries out backwashing according to the set time on valve, without requiring human intervention. It removes sedimentation accumulated in the media bed by discharging it through the drainage line and than turns back to the service status later.

Standard Features
- Corrosion resistant FRP (Fiber wounded) body
- Programmable automatic FLECK valf
- Automatic backwash time setler
- 3-6 Bar operaling pressure
- Max. 10 bar test pressure
- Max. 50 ° C operaling temperature
- Birm and 3 different granule size mineral content
- Electricity supply 220 V/50 Hz

- Easy to operate without any need full time operatör
- Low operating cost
- Low energy cost