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EF Series Softening Systems

EF Series Softening Systems

EF series single softening units are designed as surface piping by using pneumatic (air), water and electric actuatored valves. Systems are controlled by a IP 65 control panel which can command regeneration according to flow rate and service automation and include PLC or controller.

Generally internally and externally epoxy coated ST 37 carbon steel material is used to manufacture the tank. Stainless steel or galvanizes carbon steel tanks can be used according to requirements. Systems are combined with salt tank and have a capacity to produce maximum 283 m3/h softened water.

Standard Features
• ST 37-2 carbon Steel tank, outer surface coated vvith SA 2 quality sand, 200 micron epoxy based lining and acrylic dye, iner surface coated with 250 micron epoxy
• Tank test pressure 10 bar
• PVC piping for 3, Steel piping tor 4,5 and 6
• Octopus type distribution structure up to 1850 series, nozzle plate after 1850 series
• Pneumatic or electric motor, double effect butterfly valves
• Valve Material: Sfero Disk, Rilsan coated GG25 body, AISI 420 Axle, EPDM sealed butterfly valves
• Flow controlled backwash
• IP55 control panel with PLC to control regeneration backwash and service automation
• Operating Pressure 2-6 bar
• Pressure loss 0,5 bar

Optional Features
• Stainless Steel Body
• Stainless Steel Piping
• Switch box control for valves
• Differential pressure Control

Design Criteria
• Filtration velocity 40 m3/m2h
• Backwash Duration 110 min
• Backwash velocity 10 m/h