yüzeysuyu arıtma sistemleri

Surface Water Treatment Systems

River water treatment systems are compact units which are used for producing utility water from river or surface water. These units which are designed as compact, are advantageous and economical units as it may be delivered to user as turn key, it needs less area for settlement, it is easy to assemble and transport and it decreases construction necessity. Units may be operated easily and automatically as they contain control and measurement sensors. Also, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration units are suggested after compact river water treatment units, according to raw water quality for obtaining high quality drinking water.

Standard Features

  • Coagulation and flocculation dosage Systems
  • Rapid mixing unit
  • Slow mixing unit
  • Settling unit (By lamella seperator system)
  • Sludge discharge system
  • Intermediate permeate water storage
  • Multimedia filters
  • Post chlorination unit


Complete ST37 or stainless Steel modular units without construction requirement

  • Easy to operate without any need tor ful I time operatör
  • Low operating cost