Eurosan Water Treatment Systems

Since 1994, Eurosan has become the leader of its sector in short time with its team of specialists experienced on water treatment technologies. Intending to be a good corporate company that is loyal to universal values, environmentally conscious, Eurosan has always put engineering service and quality in the first place with Eurotech Water Treatment Technology brand which has founded by Eurosan in 2001.

Eurosan has become a company that exports to the countries which it used to import from thanks to its background knowledge and experience, dating back to many years.

Eurotech Water Treatment Technology is the brand of Eurosan Su Arıtma Sistemleri A.Ş.


Our objective is to offer you the most economical and the most functional systems without compromising quality. Our customers have always been our fellows and will continue to be so.


As Eurotech Water Treatment Technology, we are continuing to be your indispensable supplier by improving our style and understanding of quality in water treatment sector since 1994.

After Sales Support

After sales support starts with installation area survey and continues with installation, commissioning, training and it is supported with maintenance and technical service that is monitored by computer.


As Eurotech Water Treatment Technology we offer laboratory support to obtain to take right actions and to ensure successful results in all of our projects.

Having sufficient equipment and technological infrastructure for water analysis, our company carries out all physical and chemical analysis regarding raw water for the project to be designed. Analysis value which is an essential data for the accuracy of the designed project, is the first step taken to produce the right solution.

It shall be known that it is impossible to produce solutions without revealing the problem. We are providing you full support for detecting the problem and finding the most suitable solution.


Eurotech Water Treatment Technology, produces all of the projects it has taken under in its own Production facilities. Being one of the rare companies in the sector having a Production plant in its structure, Eurosan offers international service with all of its technical equipment and technological infrastructure.

Being able to compete with world class technologies at home and abroad, with its Production plant and specialist staff, our company is highly preferred by customers.

Working on project basis, our company offers alternative solutions to its customers with R&D studies. All concept works from project stage to implementation are supported with quality certifications and reflect global criteria to the production.

Holder of ISO certificate, our company makes production in conformity with CE norms. Being a local enterprise, Eurotech Water Treatment Technology became a confident brand by concentrating on production quality since its establishment.

Eurosan Water Treatment Systems All Over The World

Besides being one of the leading companies in Turkey in the field of water treatment systems ultraviolet, multi cartridge units, reverse osmosis systems, sea water reverse osmosis systems and ultrafiltration systems we produce became widely appreciated in Europe, Middle East and Cyprus.

Offering customers the know-how developed in Turkey and in the world through its powerful staff and service network, Eurotech Water Treatment Technology will serve you as a company which adopts protection of human health, offering its Customers satisfactory solutions by producing solutions for every need as its mission.