Domestic Water Treatment Systems

Our company, EUROSAN A.Ş., which has always served in the area of domestic water treatment systems with a focus on client satisfaction since 1994, has adopted innovations and made the customer also adopt the innovations in this way.

Our company, EUROSAN A.Ş., has commenced to sell under-sink water systems (undercounter water treatment systems) by virtue of its sales representatives who have the necessary and sufficient equipments and knowledge in this area.

Our company, EUROSAN A.Ş., has created a sufficient and diverse range of stocks and presented them in order to provide easy service to our valued customers with an eye to furnish quick and accurate response to you our esteemed customers in sales of under-sink treatment systems.

Domestic Water Treatment Models

  • Under-sink Water Treatment System with and without Pump

Eurotech Water Treatment Technology domestic water treatment systems purify water in bottled water quality in our day’s conditions where the water quality is insufficient. Eurotech Water Treatment Technology domestic water treatment systems provide healthy and clean water which you can use with natural spring water quality in making tea, coffee, food and using as drinking water. You don’t have to order bottled water and wait thanks to its expansion tank and elegant tap. They are economical systems with low operating cost.

  • TC Series Cabin Softening Systems

Full automatic Fleck and Autotrol (digital) valves are used as control unit in TC series softening units with cabinet. The system carries out regeneration according to the set time (timer) or flow rate (volumetric) on valve, without requiring human intervention.

  • Domestic UVC Mono Lamp Ultraviolet Systems

Mono lamp ultraviolet units operate effectively between capacities 0.26 m3/hour – 5 m3/hour and beam density 30.000 uW/cm2 – 40.000 uW/cm2. 304 or 316 stainless steel collectors are used according to the properties of the raw water and process.