Membrane Technologies

Membrane Technologies have become an important purification technology in recent years. The biggest advantage of membrane technologies is that they operate without the need for chemical addition, use relatively low energy and provide ease of operation of the process.

Water passes through the pores on the membranes with high pressure in the Reverse Osmosis System. Most of the substances in the water which cannot pass through these pores during the process are discarded as concentrated water. Better water quality can be achieved than filtration systems thanks to this procedure. Reverse Osmosis allows obtaining purified water from various raw water sources (wells, rivers, sea, etc.) by filtering 90-99.55% of dissolved substances in water. Eurosan offers tailor-made solutions for your domestic and industrial needs.

Applications of Reverse Osmosis

  • Potable Water Production
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer Production
  • Fruit Juice and Beverage Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pure and potable water production from sea water
  • Special solutions for obtaining pure water for industrial applications

Membrane Systems

There are numerous different treatment systems utilizing membrane technologies. The most common of these are as follows;

Eurosan A.Ş. utilizes Eurotech brand membrane technologies in its projects and also works with globally proven brands in the field of membranes and cases.

Oltremare Membranes

Oltremare membranes, which is the undisputed name in the field of membrane technologies, are undoubtedly preferred in terms of quality, high efficiency, surface area width, reverse osmosis design studies especially for surface and ground water, in order to ensure the selection of membranes suitable for water quality with a wide product portfolio.

Eurosan A.Ş. The company designs and produces Oltremare brand membranes by showing the quality and the same quality to customers to feel the same quality by selling Oltremare brand membrane helps. Oltremare provides the true proof of its quality as it uses its entire membrane life.

Wavecyber Membrane Cases

Wavecyber brand pressure-resistant membrane cases, due to high performance Eurosan A.Ş. preferred in reverse osmosis systems.

Used wavecyber pressure covers also include all Eurosan A.Ş. are also supplied to customers.

All options including low pressure to high pressure and spare parts are supplied as soon as possible. In addition, end port and side port models are supplied to our customers according to their needs.