Ion Exchange Technologies

Ion Exchange Technologies operates with the principle of displacement of the electrical charges of minerals by means of resins specially selected for your needs. The reusability of most ion exchange materials makes this technology permanent.

What should be considered in selecting a device?

  • Determination of the amount of resin to be used
  • Selecting the tank according to the amount of resin to be used
  • Calculation of peak flow and nominal flow
  • Proper selection of the speed of water passing through the tank
  • Most importantly, the reasons that cause adverse effects on the treatment of water should be eliminated before treatment.

There are three main groups of ion exchange resins:

Cationic Resins: These are cation exchangers whose functional groups can react with cations of aqueous media. Cation exchange is widely used for water softening purposes. In this application, calcium and magnesium ions in water are replaced with sodium ions. “Soft water” is obtained by removing calcium and magnesium ions that cause hardness or scaling. When the resin is saturated, it is washed with salt and reused. 

Anionic Resins: These are anion exchangers whose functional groups can react with anions of aqueous media. Anion exchange is the replacement of anions present in water with hydroxyl ions. This reaction after cation exchange completely demineralizes the water. 

MixBed Resins: Some substances are capable of both anion and cation exchange and are called amphoteric ion exchangers. These are resins are used to purify the water and resins and tanks are selected according to the required conductivity. 

Ion exchange resins are generally used in water treatment systems for water softening (hardness removal) and water purification (deionization) applications. Deionization resins purify water by removing all cationic and anionic ions in the water. The saturated resin is washed with acid and caustic and reused.

Major Ion Exchange Systems;

  • Water Softening Systems
  • Deionization Systems
  • Dealcalization Systems
  • Iron – Manganese Removal
  • Arsenic Removal

Eurosan will provide you with the most suitable solutions after a review of your needs.

Ion Exchange Technologies

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