Rapidly growing world population and environmental pollution, is increasingly making provision of clean water difficult. Disinfection can be defined as the destruction of all pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, spores, parasites), including viruses which can be rapidly proliferating in water and which cause disadvantages for human, animal and even plant health, or the termination of their reproduction.

The selection of the disinfection technique to be applied to water in an enterprise is determined according to the source of the water, chemical and physical properties of the water and the purpose of using the water.

Disinfection Systems

Clean Water Is Important
Goal 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations that aims to keep the Earth as a place to live aims to achieve by 2030 has been identified as Clean Water and Sanitary Conditions.

According to UNDP ; “By 2030, we have to invest in infrastructure, build sanitary facilities and promote hygiene at all levels to ensure that everyone has safe and accessible drinking water. There is also a need for international co-operation to promote water efficiency in developing countries and to support treatment technologies. ”

Source:UNDP Türkiye

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