Water Treatment Equipments

Our company, EUROSAN A.Ş., which has always served in the area of domestic water treatment systems with a focus on client satisfaction since 1994, has adopted innovations and made the customer also adopt the innovations in this way  and   commenced to sell Water Treatment Equipments by virtue of its sales representatives who have the necessary and sufficient equipments and knowledge in this area.

Our company, EUROSAN A.Ş., has created a range of sufficient and sufficient stock and offered to serve our valued customers easily in order to respond to the customer sensitively and correctly in the area of equipment sales.

Inarguably the leading name of the membrane technology with its quality, high efficiency and surface area width, Hydranautics brand membranes are preferred particularly in reverse osmosis design works for surface and underground waters since it has an extended product range for selecting membranes suitable for the water quality.


Wavecyber marka basınca dayanıklı membran kılıfları, yüksek performansı sebebi ile Eurosan A.S. ters ozmoz sistemlerinde tercih edilmektedir.

Wavecyber brand pressure resistant membrane sheaths are preferred for Eurosan A.Ş. reverse osmosis systems because of their high performance. Wavecyber brand pressure sheaths employed in designs are also supplied to customers of Eurosan A.Ş.

All options from low pressure to high pressure including spare parts can be supplied in a short time. Also, end port and side port models are supplied to meet the customer demands.

Digital and automatic type with Autotrol Valves, shortage of spare parts without fault, the customer can understand, and even he can give the necessary commands programlayabileceg and the reason is because the choice of convenience.

Eurosan Inc. one of the pioneers of water Treatment, offers customer-focused practiced some of the easy to use that for the rest of the policy, which is one reason that the preferred type of digital valves Autotrol thinking on buying valuable to customers.

Autotrol Valf Product Brochures

Fleck Valves are used in a wide variety of applications such as filtration, softening, in domestic, commercial or industrial water or hot or cold water. Fleck Valves can make backwash and regeneration thanks to flow and time adjustment options and provide ease of use in numerous water treatment systems.

Canature Water Treatment Valves, which are user-friendly, reliable and affordable, have a wide range thanks to filter in and softener valve options.

Filtration systems used in FRP tanks roll up the world with their wavecyber brand products are kept in stock permanently. Available tan 8 “and 63” sizes is between. In addition, the tank is also available in all kinds of spare parts and accessories.

Eurotech FRP Water Treatment Tanks Product Brochures

Capacities there of classified as 300 lt/h, 400 lt/h, 600 lt/h, 800 lt/h and 1000 lt/h, rotary pumps are mostly preferred for low capacity reverse osmosis systems and advantageous.

Besides being offered as a complete set including motor, coupling and adapter it can be supplied to our customers as spare parts with fair prices.

Fluid-O-Tech Compact and Compact Plus

Keeping sufficient quantity of products of Osmonics which is world leader in filter cartridges with its quality, in its stocks, Eurosan A.Ş. offers customers Osmonic brand products with confidence and dependability, having a high purity rate and low replacement frequency, 100% pure polypropylene filter structure and high capacity particle retaining properties. Cartridges with 1, 5, 10 and 20 micron pore diameters from the extensive product range of Osmonics brand filter cartridges are available and kept in stocks in sufficient quantities.

As Eurosan A.Ş., in the ultraviolet devices we are manufacturing we use Ultraviolet Lamps and Sheaths manufactured without compromising quality. With correctly selected UV rays, treated water is also disinfected with high ray intensity without adding any chemicals. Manufactured lamps and sheaths fitting these lamps are kept in stock continuously and offered to the esteemed customers. Also, all kinds of spare parts and materials for ultraviolet device are kept in stocks for prompt supply.

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