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Pure Water Treatment Systems

These systems are utilized in projects requiring high purity of water. These systems are professional devices due to their system structures. Pure water treatment systems remove all physical, chemical and biological impurities of the water. Pure water treatment systems should be preferred in heavy industry such as chemical sector, glass sector, metal sector as well as enterprises which employ technicians. These systems should not be used in food etc. sectors inasmuch as they contain dangerous chemicals .

Selection of pure water treatment systems have to be made through an expert team and by taking into consideration the characteristics of the place of utilization. The person designing the system should know the information provided below:

  • Purpose of water utilization
  • Daily and instant water requirements
  • Characteristics of water to be purified

Pure Water Treatment Models

  • DE Series Full Automatic Deionized Systems

Ions which are found in water in dissolved state are cationic (positive) and anionic (negative) charged ions. Removal of cationic and anionic ions in water through ion exchange method using resin is named as deionization and systems used for this purpose are called deionization systems.

  • FM Series Mixbed Systems

Mixbed Systems: They are mix bed systems where cationic and anionic resins are contained in a single column. Mixbed systems are particularly used in facilities where water conductivity is required to be very low.

  • DPRO Dual Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Dual Stage Reverse Osmosis System operate on the principle of supplying water from the Reverse Osmosis System exit to a second Reverse Osmosis Unit in pure water treatment systems in order to produce more pure water. The Dual Stage Reverse Osmosis System purifies the dissolved solids content of the water by nearly 99%.

DPRO Systems are utilized in order to obtain the desired product water quality and while the recovery in Single Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems is maximum 80%, this value increases to 90% in Double Stage Reverse Osmosis System. DPRO systems are also preferred in many parts of the world due to pressure applied for drought and water.

Water quality can also be improved through utilization of Mixbed Resins, however due to mixbed resins having high operational cost and can not be recuperated, DPRO systems are in more demand for pure water treatment systems.

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