What is Grey Water?

Grey water treatment systems are used for enabling water collected from the showers and sinks to be reused by treating. Water may be recycled up to % 40 by using grey water treatment systems, Equipments that are used in the system are as follows;

Fine Filter

Fine filter is used for removal of hair, nail and other content which may be involved inside grey water.

Biological Treatment / Oxygen Enrichment

Oxygen enrichment is done for grey water by aerating periodically after fine filter. Aim of oxygen enrichment is preparing ideal life condition for bacterias and obtaining succesful biological treatment


Ultrafiltration Process by Membrane Technology

After biological treatment, tertiary treatment of grey water is applied by passing water through 0,04 micron MBR Modules which are manufactured by using latest technology. Additionally, MBR modules are enable to remove of bacterias and pathogens inside grey water 

Disinfection by Chlorine

Permeate water after MBR modules is transferred to permeate water storage and on off control or flow control type chlorine is used for disinfection of water inside storage. Water is transferred to end users from this permeate water storage.

Benefits of Grey Water Recovery Systems

  • It contributes greatly to the protection of the environment by reducing unnecessary consumption  of natural water resources.
  • The treated water provides to the EU Use Water Regulations and DIN 19650 Irrigation Water Hygiene Standarts.
  • The Grey water treated will be separated from the water discharged into the sewage, the volume of the waste water going to the municipalities for treatment decreases and the investment cost required for water treatment decreases accordingly.
  • As treated Grey water will decrease the usage rates of tap water, it also decreases the distribution costs of mains water.
  • It saves up to 40% from domestic water.
  • It can be used in toilet cisterns, ornamental pools, and even washing clothes depending on the quality.
  • The treatment of Grey water is faster and easier than waste water, which is more polluted.
  • It’s an important resource for cultivation and garden irrigation especially in dry lands.
  • It helps to decrease invoice amounts of end users.

Design of the Eurotech Water Treatment Technology grey water treatment systems are conceptualized entirely for customer’s needs. All the equipments used are choosen from high quality materials. These high quality materials provides maximum performance for a long period of time.

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