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Cartridge Filter Cups

Cartridge Filter Cups

Are manual filtering systems which retain suspended solid matters (SSM) such as sedimentation, cloudiness, particles present in raw water. Employed in systems with low flow rates, these systems consist of transparent polyethylene housing and a washable putrex, stainless steel or nylon cartridge placed inside. They ensure filtration with sensitivities of 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 and 50 µ. Housing lengths are 10" and 20".

Standard Features
• Polyethylen Body
• Corrosion resistand body material
• Suitable 10" and 20" cartridges
• Filtration for desired microns
• Praclical cartridge change
• 2-6 bar operating pressure
• 2-45 °C operating temperature
* Flow calculation has been done according to 5 micron for CP type cartridge Systems, 50 micron vvashable cartridge for CN/CX cartridge Systems.
Double and triple filter housings are serial connected.